The best events are ones that feel like they’ve taken every detail into consideration. When you as the event producer put yourself into your guests’ shoes and consider their comfort and enjoyment, it shows in the final product. 


The entire event experience, from the moment your guest sets foot into your event until after they leave, is important to today’s customers. They want experiences that engage all their senses and captivate their attention. A lot of events think about the basics like seating, decor, and entertainment. But there are a few experiences you might be missing. 


Keep reading for three guest experiences your event might be missing and how to execute them successfully.  


sponsored experiences

1. Sponsored experiences

Sponsored experiences can be a win for you and your guests. But they can also be a disaster if executed the wrong way. 


If you’ve never considered sponsorship packages for your event, start by checking out our blog post on why these can be huge money-makers. You might also be interested in our guide to getting a “yes” from potential sponsors


Most events offer sponsors a standard package that may include things like posters or banners with their name and logo on site at the event. They might even throw in some digital promotion such as social media posts, including their logo on the event website, or an email blast to attendees. Those are all great, but if you really want to stand out, consider creating an experience that allows your sponsor to interact with guests during your event. 


What does that look like, exactly? It really depends on the type of event you’re producing and who the sponsor is. This is where you can get creative. 


There’s no right or wrong answer, but here are a few ideas that we’ve seen events implement successfully:

  • A quiet lounge away from all the action with comfy seating and outlets for phone charging
  • A photo booth or selfie station where digital photos are branded with the sponsor’s logo
  • A kiosk or tent with giveaways, games, or spin-the-wheel style prizes
  • A demo station where the sponsor can show off their product or service
  • A sponsored dining area with picnic tables and food trucks, with plenty of signage or handouts displaying the sponsor’s brand
  • A dance area with a DJ

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your sponsored experiences. It can be helpful to work with the sponsor to design something that your guests will love while boosting the sponsor’s image in the community.


culinary experiences

2. Culinary experiences

Food festivals aren’t the only type of event where the bites and sips are important. 


Events that take food and beverage offerings seriously enjoy guests who stay longer and leave feeling more satisfied about their experience. And they’re able to sell more tickets, because it’s an event that people are excited to attend, regardless of the event format.


It’s not just about filling our bellies. Guests are looking for sensory experiences that tickle our palates with exciting flavors and textures. 


But what if you don’t know anything about the F&B industry? Start with these ideas: 

  • Dedicate an area of your venue (or just outside the venue) for local food trucks. Food trucks love working an area with consistent foot traffic, and your event will offer a somewhat captive audience. 
  • Work with a few local restaurants or breweries to provide the concessions. They’ll get to showcase their best goods and will earn revenue from food & drink sales. And you might even be able to negotiate a portion of those sales.
  • Be inspired by the season. Who doesn’t love a fall-themed cocktail or a summer BBQ? Think about what the most exciting foods and beverages are during your event’s season and look for vendors who can supply those. 
  • Focus on sustainable offerings. Environmentally-friendly products are important to many guests, and will make them feel good about attending your event (they got to have fun AND be kind to the earth at the same time!). 

With a little creativity, you can create a food and beverage experience that makes your event stand out.


virtual experiences

3. Virtual Experiences

The metaverse is expanding. Fast. More of our lives take place online, allowing us to connect with people all over the world. 


New technology is making it simpler than ever for events to connect with people around the globe, too. Guests might not be able to travel to your event in person, but they can still participate online if your event includes a virtual experience. That’s why more and more event producers are using a hybrid model. 


Hybrid events include entertainment both for in-person and remote guests. They give you more power to increase revenue because you’re not limited to the capacity of your venue or your local audience. Guests can join your livestream from anywhere in the world on just about any device. 


You can not only bring in more revenue during the live show, but you can continue making money on your content after your event has ended by streaming replays or offering the videos on-demand. 


You can make your virtual guests feel connected and engaged by using your streaming platform’s live chat: encourage them to ask questions, make requests, and share their feedback throughout the show. To really make them feel like VIPs, give virtual guests access to an exclusive interview with one of the artists or performers featured during your event and allow them to ask questions through the chat. 


There are tons of different strategies you can use to make your hybrid event a success. Read more about how to add a virtual component to your in-person event here


Want to learn more about Passage’s live-streaming platform? Get the full rundown here. 


Final Thoughts

Today’s guests want multi-sensory experiences. Meeting those expectations requires event producers to design new ways to engage their guests both in person and online - all while covering their costs. Start by focusing on sponsored, virtual, and food & beverage experiences and you’ll be on your way to a successful event. 


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