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Amusement parks transport guests into a world of excitement, wonder, and adventure. However, even a park with the most thrilling roller coasters and captivating attractions can fall short if not marketed effectively. In such a highly competitive industry, it's crucial for amusement park owners to craft a compelling marketing plan to attract new visitors. Here are some top marketing tips to help your amusement park to draw in more visitors.

1. Use Branding to Tell a Story

Branding is what makes your park’s identity stand out from the rest of your competitors. A well-crafted brand identity shows off your park's unique values, theme, and attractions, all while creating a cohesive and memorable narrative that sticks in the minds of visitors. This should be implemented in all of your marketing touchpoints, helping to transform your park from a mere weekend destination to a cherished and enduring part of your guest’s lives.

2. Create Interactive Social Media Content

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for connecting with audiences online, but are you using it to its greatest potential to market your amusement park? Sure, simply posting photos from your park is a good start, but there are so many more things you can do to harness social media’s unique power of connectivity. Posting interactive content that is designed to be shared with others, such as sneak peeks of new rides, customer testimonials, and interactive contests, can create buzz and encourage people to share your posts. This extends your reach organically, all without having to spend money on paid ads. For more inspiration, read our comprehensive guide to social media marketing for event producers


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3. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a newer way to promote your amusement park in a way that can be more relatable to the guest experience. To get started, browse your social media feed to find relevant influencers to partner with who have a strong online presence and appeal to your target audience. Then, invite them for exclusive experiences at your park and, in exchange, have them share their adventures with their followers. In a world where word-of-mouth recommendations are everything, authentic endorsements from influencers that followers respect can go a long way in building credibility and trust. 

4. Earn Local Media Coverage

Media coverage is a great way to amplify your park's visibility to new audiences. By being featured in news articles, TV segments, or radio interviews, amusement parks can show off what makes them unique, like their latest attractions or any upcoming special events. This type of exposure generates hype and gets potential visitors excited about spending their day at your park. To get started, easily get your amusement park listed in hundreds of local media directories without having to complete individual submissions using Passage’s “Promote your Event” feature. Schedule a demo with one of our team members to see how it works. 


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5. Optimize Email Marketing

With the number of global email users expected to reach 4.48 billion by 2024, don’t count out email in your marketing strategy. Build and maintain a mailing list of both past visitors and potential guests that fit in your target audience. Then, regularly send out engaging emails with updates on new attractions, upcoming events, and exclusive special offers. When crafting your message, think about what you want to say, and, more importantly, what do you want readers to do as a result. Personalized emails that offer exclusive discounts or perks can give that extra boost to entice recipients to plan a visit.

6. Capitalize on User-Generated Content

If you haven’t already been capitalizing on user-generated content (UGC), now is the time to do so. Utilizing UGC means taking images and videos that your visitors have posted on their own social media accounts and featuring them on your social pages. Encourage visitors to share their own UGC by creating designated hashtags or photo spots within the park. This can then be showcased on your website and social media channels. This not only provides authentic testimonials, but also turns visitors into advocates who help spread the word about your park.


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7. Invest in a High-Quality Promotional Video

Amusement parks are known for their visuals. Whether it’s a colorful splash pad or a roller coaster zooming by at top speeds, there's no shortage of exciting images that come from the explosion of entertainment at an amusement park. This is why investing in a high quality promotional video can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience and get them excited about visiting your park. This video can be placed on your website, on your social media pages, and be used in advertisements.

8. Set Up Online Ticketing

Online ticketing serves as a gateway to gathering information on your customer base that you can use in your marketing strategy. This information can give you valuable insights into your target audience’s wants and interests. Additionally, you can use it to further build your mailing list, where you can send guests personalized emails that ask about their experience, give them personalized offers, or promote new attractions. While you’re busy getting started on these other marketing strategies, let our concierge support take care of your ticketing set up for you! Schedule a demo to see how you can start selling tickets in minutes.


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Leave Them with an Unforgettable Adventure

Developing a successful marketing plan for amusement parks requires a careful blend of creativity and a deep understanding of your brand and the experiences you offer. When potential guests are planning out their perfect day, you want your park to be at the forefront of their minds. By implementing these marketing tips, you’ll be able to leave guests with memories of an unforgettable adventure.


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