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Looking for a simple way to boost ticket sales for your next event? Try bundling!


Bundling tickets can be an effective strategy to increase revenue. It encourages guests to spend more money at your event by packaging multiple experiences together in an enticing way. Bundles also encourage guests to spend more time at your event, which can be valuable, too: the longer guests are at your venue, the more likely they are to purchase concessions, visit a merchandise location, or enjoy other add-ons. 


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What are Bundles?

Bundles allow you to sell multiple tickets and/or products together for one price. This can be useful for handling situations such as:

  • Multi-day events
  • Multiple attractions within your venue
  • Combo passes for multiple events that will be attended separately
  • A "ticket and T-shirt" package deal
  • Customer choice bundles, such as flex passes
  • Season ticket packages

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What are the Benefits of Bundles?

Increased revenue is an obvious benefit for event organizers, but there are plenty of reasons why guests love ticket bundles, too!

Saving Money

Bundled tickets often cost less than if a guest purchased each experience separately. For example, if your one-day ticket costs $20 and a three-day pass costs $50, guests feel like they’re getting that third day at half price! It’s a good idea as the event organizer to price your bundles this way, to increase the perceived value and incentivize guests to select a bundle instead of one individual ticket. You’re essentially guaranteeing a future sale, at a discounted rate, and increasing customer loyalty.

Upgraded Experiences

Bundles can be so much more than just multiple tickets packaged together. They may include VIP experiences or access to special areas of your event, or add-ons like food and beverages, merchandise, or exclusive deals. This can lead to increased guest satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. When your guests feel like VIPs, they want to share that experience with their friends and family. 

A Simpler Checkout Process

If you have multiple attractions or experiences to offer, guests might feel overwhelmed trying to decide which ones they want to visit. Bundles can make those decisions easier by essentially pre-packaging your most popular experiences into one ticket. That means only one item to add to their cart and quicker checkout process. 


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How to Use Bundled Tickets to Increase Event Revenue

Here are several ways event organizers can implement ticket bundling:

1. Tiered Packages

Offer different tiers of ticket packages, each with increasing levels of benefits or access. For example, a basic package might include admission to the event only, while a premium package could include perks like VIP seating, exclusive access to certain areas, merchandise, or meet-and-greets with performers.

2. Group Discounts

Encourage group attendance by offering discounted ticket bundles for groups of a certain size. This not only increases ticket sales but also enhances the social aspect of the event, as people are more likely to attend with friends or family.

3. Flex Passes

A flex pass allows guests to design their own custom bundles. You can set a price and offer a list of several options that the guest can add to their bundle, allowing them to choose which ones are most appealing to them. The ability to select different options makes this a great option for events with multiple attractions or for selling multi-game tickets for sports teams.

4. Family Packages

There’s a reason why so many sports stadiums offer family deals like “Get four tickets, hot dogs, and sodas for one low price.” It takes the guesswork and math calculations out of the equation when you’re planning a family outing. The guest can clearly see what the total price will be for their entire family, including food and beverages. These packages can be a good way to boost sales for your events, too. 

5. Combo Deals

Partner with related businesses or attractions to offer combo deals that bundle event tickets with other products or services. For example, a music festival could partner with a local hotel to offer discounted room rates when purchasing festival tickets.

6. Season Passes or Subscriptions

Offer season passes or subscriptions for multiple events within a certain timeframe. This provides attendees with value and convenience, as they can attend multiple events at a discounted rate.

7. Add-Ons and Upgrades

Allow customers to customize their experience by offering add-ons or upgrades to their ticket purchase. This could include options like access to exclusive after-parties, premium seating, or merchandise bundles.

8. Limited-Time Offers

Create a sense of urgency and encourage early ticket sales by offering limited-time bundled deals. For example, offer a discount on a bundle of tickets for multiple events if purchased within a certain timeframe.

9. Cross-Promotions

Collaborate with other events or organizations to cross-promote ticket bundles. This allows both parties to reach new audiences and can increase ticket sales for all involved.

10. Value-Added Services

Offer value-added services such as transportation, catering, or guided tours as part of a bundled ticket package. This enhances the overall experience for attendees and provides additional revenue streams for the event.

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How to Bundle Tickets on Passage

Start creating your bundle by clicking the "Packages" tab at the top of your admin screen and selecting "Bundles". Click the "New Bundle" button to get started.


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Give your bundle a name and assign a price, then use the description field to let your customers know what this bundle gives them and why they should purchase it.


After that, select the ticket types and products you want to include as part of the bundle. Then, save by clicking the "Create Bundle" button. As with all of your events, tickets, and products on Passage, you'll be able to edit any of your bundle details later without affecting previous sales. To edit a bundle, simply return to the bundles section and click the "edit" link found in the actions column.


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​When adding a ticket type to a bundle you'll later be able to select any number of specific time-slots you want that to be usable. This will let you block out specific dates and times if desired. By default all time-slots will be offered as options to the customer.




When adding a product to a bundle you'll be given the option to select specific variants to include. If the variants field is left blank, then all variants will be offered as options by default. 




Tickets and products purchased as part of a bundle will each receive part of the total discount, and will be automatically assigned a discount code beginning with "bundle" followed by a successive number designation. You will be able to track bundled sales in your Discounts or Tickets reporting using the "Bundles" filter.


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More Bundle Options

  • Make This a Customer Choice Bundle: Selling a flex pack? Use this option if you want the customer to pick a set number from options you give to them.
  • Allow Promo Code Usage With This Bundle: Select this option if you want to allow additional promo code discounts to be applied to the bundle.
  • Hide Bundle Contents on Ticket: By default the ticket for a bundle purchase will show each individual item and its quantity. Select this option to hide the individual items, and only show the name of the bundle and number purchased. Recommended for options like season tickets.
  • Season Pass Mode: Normally, a bundle will go off sale when one of its items is no longer available. Selecting Season Pass Mode will let the bundle remain for sale even if included event times pass.
  • Enable Bundle Additions: Selecting this setting will allow additional tickets or products to be added to customers' existing bundle purchases, like can be done with a subscription. This will also require the customer to create an account, which makes it great for season ticket packages.
  • Show on Venue Page / Event Page: Pick which pages you want the bundle to be displayed for sale on. 

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Final Thoughts

Ticket bundling offers a win-win scenario for both event organizers and attendees, providing increased revenue opportunities and improved guest satisfaction. It's essential to understand your target audience and their preferences to tailor bundled offerings that appeal to their interests and maximize sales potential. By implementing these strategies, you can effectively boost ticket sales for your next event by bundling experiences together while adding value for your guests. 


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