As the number of online and mobile ticket sales rise, fans look for more flexibility and convenience in their purchasing experiences. Your Passage account makes it easy to offer that with our Flex Pass feature. 


Until now, only major-league level sports teams could offer their fans the benefits of half-season or multi-game passes. Flex Passes are a form of bundled tickets which do exactly that: bundle multiple games into one ticket package. They can be a great option for sports fans who can’t quite commit to a full season pass but know they want to attend multiple games throughout the season. 


Flex Passes offer a benefit to your team as well: you get all the revenue upfront instead of waiting for it to trickle in as guests by one game at a time throughout the season.


With Passage, you can create Flex Passes of all shapes and sizes depending on your team’s needs, from two games to 20 and beyond. You can even include merchandise as an option in your bundle!


On your Passage dashboard, you’ll see these called Customer Choice Bundles. Here’s how to setup your first Flex Pass:


Step #1: Start by clicking the Bundles tab at the top of your admin area



Step #2: Hit the “New Bundle” button



Step #3: Select the checkbox for “Make This a Customer Choice Bundle.”



This will bring up a new field labeled “Number of Items Customer Should Choose” – enter the number of selections you want the customer to make here.



Step #4: Add all of the items to present as possible choices by selecting them under the Add Event Items (for tickets) and Add Product Items (for products).



Each bundle item will have 2 settings next to it:

  • Max Quantity – Set this to the highest number the customer can include in a single bundle. For example, if they are limited to 1 ticket per game/event, set the max quantity at “1.”  On the other hand, if the customer can use all of their selections for the same game, then set the max quantity equal to the Number of Items Customer Should Choose.
  • Include in Customer Choice – Deselect this option if you want the item to be required. Keep this selected to have it be one of the options from which to choose. For example, if every 10-game flex pass comes with a team T-shirt, you’ll want to uncheck this box. 

Flex Pass Best Practices


1. Keep It Simple


More choices = better, right? Not always. It might seem like a good idea to offer your fans every possible option on a Flex Pass, but if you throw in too many merch choices or other options they’ll quickly become overwhelmed and possibly bail on the whole purchase. Keep things simple: choose your game dates and maybe one other add-on. 


2. Make Pricing Attractive


Let’s say your normal ticket price is $15. Incentivize your fans to purchase a 3-game Flex Pass at a discounted $36 ($12 per game), 5-game pass for $55 ($11 per game) or $40 for 10 games. You get all the revenue upfront (deposited within 1-2 business days of every single purchase) to help cover some of the up-front costs before your season begins. 


3. Consider Additional Benefits


Some teams offer season passholders discounts on merch, first choice of seating (if you’re using assigned or reserved seats), or even a special entrance into their stadiums. Consider extending some of these benefits to your Flex Pass buyers as well. It’s an affordable way to make fans feel like VIPs. 


4. Promote It


If you want to encourage more fans to purchase Flex Passes, make them as prominent as possible on your ticketing page. You get to decide the order in which your ticket types appear. Put Flex Passes near the top, right under Season Passes, if you want. If your general one-game pass is normally at the top, consider slotting the Flex Pass right underneath it. Fans will immediately see the savings vs. purchasing one game at a time. 

You may also want to share your Flex Pass option on social media, or blast it out to your email list. Fans can only purchase things they know about, so make it easy for them to find the types of tickets you most want to sell.


Got questions on Flex Passes? Feel free to drop us a line in the comments and we’ll answer them here!