New Feature: Passage AI Assistant

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature that’s a game-changer for events: the Passage AI Assistant


We built this for everyone who’s ever lost a Saturday night to spreadsheets. Or spent hours trying to sift through all their data just to find the answer to one simple question. We understand the headaches that can come with organizing your event—especially when it comes to reports. Analyzing results after an event ends is one of the least glamorous parts of the job, but it’s critically important to success in the long run. 


We want to help make your job easier, so you can focus on planning a great event. So we built an AI assistant that will help analyze your data, create custom reports, and even brainstorm new ways to reach more fans & sell more tickets. 


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What can I do with the Passage AI Assistant?

This isn’t the first AI tool we’ve built at Passage. Our latest feature Optimize Your Event with AI allows you to create SEO-optimized event names and descriptions designed to grab the attention of ticket buyers. It was so popular that we had to ask ourselves, “what else can we build?


Our goal has always been to help event organizers like you reach more fans and sell more tickets. And we know that success starts with understanding your event data. 


Our AI assistant is super powerful and can help with just about anything related to your event data. For example, you can:

  • Analyze Sales Data: Answer any question about your ticket sales or customers.
  • Generate Reports: Create on-the-fly guest lists or custom reports that you can download and share with your team.
  • Evaluate Results: Compare performance between events, ticket types, time periods, and more.
  • Make Recommendations: Ideas for marketing strategies and promotions to help you reach more fans and sell more tickets.
  • Create Charts and Visualizations: Stop sorting through spreadsheets and let your AI assistant build easy-to-follow charts to help you understand your sales trends and data.
  • And MORE!

Check out our AI assistant in action in the video below:



One of the best things about our new AI tool is that you can essentially have a direct conversation with a data expert. You can ask plan-English questions and get a response that’s easy to understand. No technical queries or to craft or giant spreadsheets to sort through. Just type your question and get the answer. It’s as simple as that. 

Ask AI questions like:

  • How many tickets did I sell this weekend?
  • What was my most popular ticket type last year?
  • What should I do to sell more tickets?

Remember, the assistant is not just limited to facts about your ticket sales. You can actually use it to gain insights and ideas that will help you improve your events and increase your revenue. 

Want to Try It Out for Yourself?

Right now this feature is available by invitation only, but we’re working to roll it out to more event organizers. If you’d like to get on the list for AI reporting, just fill out this quick form




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