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White Label event ticketing can provide event producers with a customizable, cost-effective, and streamlined ticketing solution that enhances the attendee experience while saving time and money. 

If you’re considering a white label ticketing solution for your events, or just want to learn more about how it works, you’re in the right place. This guide will give you everything you need to know about white label ticketing: what it is, how it works, and how to decide if it’s right for your events. 

What is White Label Event Ticketing?

White Label event ticketing is a service that allows event organizers to create a customized ticketing platform that reflects their brand and messaging. With white label ticketing, organizers can add their own logos, colors, and branding to the ticketing platform, creating a seamless experience for their customers. 

The platform is "white-labeled" because the ticketing company's branding is not visible, and the event organizer's branding is used instead. This means that the event organizer can sell tickets on their own website or mobile app, using their own branding and customization, while still utilizing the ticketing company's infrastructure and technology.


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How does White Label Event Ticketing Work?

White Label event ticketing works by allowing event organizers to create a customized ticketing platform that reflects their brand and messaging. 

The organizer can add their own logos, colors, and branding to the ticketing platform, creating a seamless experience for their customers. The ticketing provider handles the technical aspects of the platform, such as payment processing and ticket delivery, while the organizer maintains control over their brand and messaging. This allows organizers to maintain a consistent brand experience for their customers throughout the ticketing process.

The white label ticketing company handles the backend processes such as payment processing, ticket scanning, and customer support, while the event organizer has complete control over the customer experience and can track ticket sales and attendance.

This type of service is popular among event organizers who want to have full control over the ticketing process while still utilizing the expertise and technology of a specialized ticketing provider.


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Benefits of White Label Event Ticketing for Event Organizers

One of the key benefits of white label event ticketing is the ability to fully customize the ticketing platform to match your brand. This includes everything from the color scheme and logo to the messaging and user interface. With a customized platform, you can create a seamless experience for your customers that reinforces your brand identity and builds trust. Additionally, you can gather valuable data and insights about your customers, such as their purchasing habits and preferences, which can be used to improve future events and marketing efforts. 

Event producers might choose to use white label event ticketing for a variety of reasons, including:

Branding control: By using white label event ticketing, event producers can maintain complete control over the branding and messaging of their event. They can customize the look and feel of the ticketing process to align with their brand and messaging, which helps create a cohesive experience for attendees.

Cost-effective: It can be more cost-effective to use a white label ticketing platform, as the event producer does not have to invest in developing their own ticketing system from scratch. They can leverage the infrastructure and technology provided by the white label ticketing company, which can save time and money.

Expertise: Ticketing companies that offer white label services typically have a lot of experience in managing ticket sales and event logistics. By utilizing their expertise, event producers can focus on other aspects of their event, such as marketing and programming, and let the ticketing company handle the details.

Streamlined customer experience: Using a white label ticketing platform can provide a seamless experience for event attendees. The process of purchasing tickets can be straightforward and integrated into the event's website or mobile app, which can make it easier for attendees to buy tickets and attend the event.

Increased revenue: If you’re partnered with Passage as your white label ticketing solution, you’ll earn a portion of the service fees on every ticket sold. Every time a guest buys a ticket, you get 100% of the ticket price plus a portion of the service fee – it’s that simple!


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Is White Label Ticketing Right for Me?

Deciding if white label ticketing is right for you will depend on several factors related to your event and your goals. Here are some questions to consider when making this decision:

  1. Do you want full control over the branding and messaging of your ticketing process, including the design of your tickets and the customer experience?
  2. Do you want a streamlined, easy-to-use ticketing system that integrates seamlessly with your event website or mobile app?
  3. Do you want a ticketing system that offers advanced features such as reserved seating, timed entry, and discount codes?
  4. Do you want a cost-effective ticketing solution that does not require significant investment in developing your own ticketing system?
  5. Do you want to work with a ticketing company that has expertise in managing ticket sales and event logistics?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then white label ticketing may be a good fit for your event. However, it is important to carefully evaluate different white label ticketing providers and their offerings to ensure that you choose the right solution for your needs.

    White label ticketing is popular among the following types of events and venues:
  • Sports leagues representing multiple teams or clubs
  • Event promoters who work with multiple artists, creators, or venues
  • Family Entertainment Centers with multiple locations
  • Escape room owners with multiple locations
  • Theaters, concert venues, and other single-venue owners who want a more customized guest experience

Consider factors such as pricing, customization options, integration, customer support, and security when making your decision. By choosing the right white label ticketing system, you can provide a seamless and hassle-free ticketing experience for your attendees while also meeting your event's needs and goals.

Choosing the Right White Label Event Ticketing Provider

When choosing a white label event ticketing provider, it's important to consider several factors. First, look for a provider that offers a high level of customization and branding options. This will ensure that your ticketing platform matches your brand and provides a seamless experience for your customers. Additionally, consider the provider's pricing structure and any additional fees or charges. Look for a provider that offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Finally, consider the provider's customer support and technical capabilities. Look for a provider that offers good customer support and has a strong track record of reliability and security. By choosing the right white label event ticketing provider, you can take your ticket sales to the next level and create a seamless experience for your customers.

Final Thoughts

White label event ticketing offers a powerful tool for event organizers who want to maintain control over their brand and take their ticket sales to the next level. You can create your own white label portal with Passage, which removes the Passage branding from your event ticketing pages and gives your fans a fully customized experience. Learn more about our white label ticketing options by scheduling a demo today. 


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