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Flat tire? Caught in the rain? The sitter canceled at the last minute? No problem! 

Eliminate headaches for you and your ticket purchasers by giving your customers greater flexibility to reschedule their tickets themselves. Passage introduced a new feature which allows customers to reschedule their tickets, based on event availability, called Hands-Free Ticket Changes

Why should an event organizer allow customers to change their time slots?

The process to enable this feature is quick and easy. 


You can choose how long before the event starts ticket purchasers are enabled to change their time slots.​​ 


When ticket purchasers do not have to worry about not being able to make it to their scheduled time slot, they are less likely to request refunds and disputes. 


This feature can be a great way to offer flexibility to your customers. Often times, people are more willing to buy tickets to an event that has flexible rescheduling options. 


People laughing and throwing confetti.How can I enable the Hands-Free Ticket Changes?

You can allow ticket purchasers to reschedule their own tickets by enabling the Hands-Free Ticket Changes. 


You can set this up by going to the Admin section of your account, then clicking: 

  1. Events 
  2. Manage
  3. Edit 
  4. Ticket Info 
  5. Ticket Options
  6. Check Allow Customers to Change Time Slot 

You can also set up how long before the event starts that ticket holders can reschedule their time slots. Just insert the number of Days/Hours under “How long before events start should they be allowed to change time slots?” 


Self service timeslots check this box to allow customers to change timeslot

Hands-Free Ticket Changes have been enabled, now what?

Now it is up to the ticket purchaser. Ticket holders can reschedule their tickets independently by: 

  1. Logging into their Passage account
  2. Clicking My Tickets -> Reschedule
  3. Selecting New Event Time and Date From “New Time Slot” Dropdown
  4. Selecting Quantity of Tickets Being Changed 
  5. Saving by Clicking “Reschedule”

We also have a help article that explains this process more in depth for ticket purchasers to utilize when rescheduling their tickets. Click here to read Rescheduling Your Tickets on Passage

Some Additional Information 

Ticket purchasers can only reschedule their tickets if they have created a Passage account. The tickets can only be rescheduled on our website.


You can also advertise this feature on your event page. This could look like including it in the ‘Event Details’ “Description” box, the information provided here is displayed for ticket purchasers to see on your event page. Or you can include this information on the tickets itself. You can add this in the “Ticket Instructions” under Ticket Info. 


Description Box of where, when, and how tickets can be rescheduled. Ticket Instructions of where, when, and how tickets can be rescheduled.  

In Conclusion

We highly recommend enabling Hands-Free Ticket Changes when editing your event. Giving your customers the ability to accommodate themselves to enjoy a great experience at your event is setting your business up for success. 


Need help setting up Hands-Free Ticket Changes? Schedule an onboarding call with our team today. 


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