Your ticketing platform can make or break your gameday experience. Ticket sales are the #1 way sports teams make money, and a platform that is difficult to use, lacks the features you need, or charges high fees hurts your team’s ability to grow and sustain itself.


That’s why we built Passage with sports teams in mind. We’ve spent years learning from our partners in professional and semi-pro leagues — like the NPSL, NISA, USL League Two, and UWS — to help create a ticketing platform that brings the features and functionality previously available only to major league venues, to teams of all shapes and sizes.


1. Features Built for Professional Sports

Our feature list is long and centered around helping you reach more fans and sell more tickets. And, this list is ever-growing as we continue to build new features. Some of our most popular features are:

  • General Admission, Sectional, or Assigned Seating
  • Season Passes (digital and physical)
  • Multiple Price Points (students, seniors, etc.)
  • Ticket/Merchandise Bundles 
  • Flex Passes ("Pick any 3 of these 10 games for a discount")
  • Merchandise Sales (Up-Sell & Stand-Alone)
  • Customizable Event Pages
  • Lightning-Fast Ticket Scanning (0.2s) to Keep Wait Times Down


2. Zero Cost to Your Team

What you see is what you get: just one low service fee, and industry standard payment processing costs. And every penny can be passed on to the ticket purchaser. Passing these fees on will lower your overall costs and won’t tie up more of your funds. Fans don’t mind paying an extra dollar or two for the convenience of purchasing tickets online, and the savings to your team adds up quickly.


Not only that, we don’t require contracts, minimums, or setup fees. At Passage, it’s important to us that our clients feel welcomed and valued and we believe so strongly in our platform that we have no need to tie you down. Check out our pricing here


3. World-Class Support

With our world class customer success team at your service, we offer day, night, and weekend support to both you and your fans. Like you, we understand the value and importance of teamwork, it’s important to be able to rely on your teammates. 


We want you to think of Passage as another teammate on your team. With chat functions on our website, email, and phone support, Passage is not only on your team, we’re on your fans’ team as well. If your fans need help changing ticket times, finding more information about the game, or anything in between, we’re right there to help them.

4. Get Paid Faster

This one’s a real game changer. Unlike some ticketing platforms that hold onto your money, Passage transfers funds into your account within two business days of every ticket sale. Cash flow is important to running a successful organization, and your ticketing provider shouldn’t block that flow.


5. Best-in-Class Reporting

Reporting can be an incredibly useful tool for your organization to track what’s going on behind the scenes. At Passage, we value data and appreciate how helpful it can be. That’s why we have tons of built-in reports that are automatically generated so you can follow the numbers. You’ll be able to easily search through information about the amount of tickets you’ve sold, total ticket price, service fees, and so much more.

What else do you need to know?

Our team would love to answer any questions you may have! Schedule a demo to see firsthand how our platform works. Ready to get set up? Schedule an onboarding call with our team and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.


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