Events used to be a one-and-done affair.


You’d buy tickets, show up, experience the event, and then it’s over.  Maybe if you’re a superfan you’ve purchased season tickets for your favorite sports team or a season pass to a local amusement park. But we’ve all experienced the disappointment of missing out on an event we wanted to attend because it sold out before we could purchase tickets, and the “what should we do this weekend” angst followed by a homework assignment of researching what’s happening in our area. 


For event producers, this old way of doing events locks you into a cycle of expending a huge amount of resources promoting every new event you create then having barely anything left over at the end. That cuts into your ROI and hamstrings your ability to host really great events in the future. If you don’t have any funds left over after your event ends, there’s no seed money to help secure entertainment, book a venue, or start marketing your next event. 


It was honestly not great for guests, either. Anyone who’s ever missed out on a sold-out event, purchased outrageously expensive passes on the secondary market, or woken up before dawn to continuously hit “refresh” on their computer knows the frustration and struggles that come with the old way of doing events.


Our team is always looking for ways we can improve the lives of event producers and their fans, and we knew there had to be a better way.


Then, we had an idea.


We use subscriptions for so many aspects of our everyday life, from streaming services to meal kits, even our transportation. Businesses love subscriptions because they offer consistent revenue. Customers love them because they’re convenient and because they add something of value to our everyday lives, whether that’s entertainment or basic necessities.



Man visiting concert box office

There’s no need to stop by the box office when you have a subscription to your favorite venue or event series.


Could we do subscriptions…for events?


Particularly as customers demand more and more virtual events, entertainment livestreamed right into their homes, a subscription model makes more sense. Your fans don’t have to pull out their credit cards every time they see one of your events they want to attend. Plus, subscribers don’t have to worry that an in-person event will sell out before they can score tickets. 


We’re excited to announce that Event Subscriptions are now available on Passage and can be added to your event in a matter of minutes. 

Need help setting up your subscriptions? Schedule an onboarding call with our support team. We’ll set everything up for you!

Man playing electric guitar on stage

Whether your fans attend in person or online, subscriptions can bring in consistent revenue for your venue.
Who are subscriptions right for?


Fans want consistent entertainment options. If you host at least one event per month, whether it’s virtual, in person, or hybrid, subscriptions might be a good fit for you. 


Subscriptions are great for venues because you can offer fans access to a multitude of different types of events. The artists, producers, and promoters may change each month, but fans know they can expect a certain level of quality and entertainment when they subscribe to your venue.


What are the benefits of Event Subscriptions?


One of the biggest challenges of being an event producer is inconsistent or unpredictable revenue. Passage Subscriptions allow you to earn consistent monthly revenue from your most passionate fans. 

Fans love subscriptions, too! They allow your supporters to get rewarded with perks or exclusive access, and enjoy greater convenience by not having to reach for their credit card every time they want to attend an event.


Person's hands putting the finishing touches on a kale and lemon salad

Host a monthly virtual cooking demo or wine tasting? Let your fans subscribe to your events so they never miss out!
How much should I charge for my event subscription?


You can set your subscription price at any value you choose. You may also want to consider multiple subscription tiers if you host several events each month, allowing users to decide whether they want to attend one event each month or gain unlimited access. 

dog looking out the window

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of missing out on a sold-out event.
How do I set up subscriptions for my event?


Our support team has a great help article on how to get started with subscriptions for your event. Click the button below to check it out. 

Need a little more help? 


Schedule an onboarding call with our support team. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!