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Passage is the first ticketing partner to join the SportsEngine Marketplace which serves 1.2 million teams worldwide.


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — SportsEngine today announced a new partnership with Passage which will introduce mobile box office capabilities to the SportsEngine platform, powering the more than 33,000 sports organizations on its platform with the ability to sell and scan tickets, and manage merchandise and concessions for their semi-pro, recreational, or youth program—all at zero cost to the team. 


Part of the NBC Sports Group family, SportsEngine is the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management (SRM) software, representing 1.2 million teams and 35 million active users around the world. The SportsEngine software puts everything that administrators need to run their sports organization in one place—empowering them with integrated tools and services including online player registrations, websites, background checks, payments, team management, tournament management, league management, and fundraising.


For SportsEngine, the one missing piece was a simple ticketing solution. 


“We were drawn to Passage because of the super simple setup and their ability to handle ticket, merchandise, and product sales both online and at the door,” said Justin Kaufenberg, co-founder and CEO of SportsEngine. “That all-in-one experience makes it easy for teams to manage which is in line with our continued commitment to helping more kids experience the joy of sports.”


The Passage-SportsEngine integration will empower coaches and administrators to manage ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions, both online and at the door on game day. 


“Fewer and fewer people carry any cash with them at all on a regular basis,” said Alex Linebrink, CEO of Passage. “Up to this point, there haven’t been any reasonable solutions to help nonprofessional teams graduate to the 21st Century cashless economy. We want to make it easier for fans, family, and friends to come to cheer on their favorite teams and players.”


“This integration means you’ll never have to worry about a game selling out before you arrive at the field. You’ll never have to worry about stopping to use that ATM at the gas station across the street because you forgot to visit the bank earlier in the week,” said Linebrink.


SportsEngine teams will be able to buy and sell tickets to games online, including season passes, from any web or mobile device using the payment method that’s convenient for them.”


Passage is the first and only event ticketing partner to work with SportsEngine. Since 2014, Passage has been powering ticketing and payments to thousands of events with tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales. The cutting-edge payments and customer engagement engine has recently become the favorite system for the semi-professional sports leagues including National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), United Professional Soccer League (UPSL), the National League of Professional Futsal (NLPF), and United Women’s Soccer (UWS). 


Teams and leagues can sign-up for their Passage account in just 60 seconds. They will have access to Passage’s concierge support to help set up and manage their tickets, a full mobile point of sale system, and features made for sports like merchandise up-sells and season passes, and lightning-fast check-ins to keep ticketing operations running at 100%—all at zero cost to the team. 


In the coming weeks, SportsEngine offers a fully integrated, one-click installation of Passage on the SportsEngine Marketplace. The integration will allow teams to add a ticketing button to their SportsEngine website with just one click. They will have the ability to send their season schedule directly from their SportsEngine dashboard to Passage, where a concierge support team will set up a custom ticketing solution to match. 


“We’re excited about this integration because it will help ensure a seamless user experience for our customers and teams,” said Kaufenberg. 


“We couldn’t be more happy to be working with SportsEngine,” said Alex Linebrink, CEO of Passage. “Our goal is to simplify the lives of coaches and administrators by eliminating some of the headaches that come with running a sports program.”


Passage ticketing is now available on the SportsEngine marketplace

Passage has been powering ticketing and payments to thousands of events, with tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales, since 2014. Their all-in-one technology allows teams to take control of all their ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at the door, all while reaching more fans and making more money.


Headquartered in Detroit, Mich., Passage has helped over one million fans purchase tickets since 2014. For more information about Passage, please visit or contact CEO Alex Linebrink at

SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, is the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management (SRM) software, empowering athletes, parents, coaches, and sports organization administrators with tools and services to manage their organizations and sports lives.


SportsEngine was founded in 2004 by college roommates Justin Kaufenberg and Carson Kipfer. Both grew up as youth athletes, playing multiple sports with parents that served as coaches and team volunteers.

The company evolved from a tenacious startup to a leading corporation with nearly 500 employees stationed across the United States. They became known as “The Home of Youth Sports” by bringing many youth sports-related apps and services into the fold and joined forces with NBCUniversal in 2016—becoming part of the NBC Sports Group family.

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