The new partnership kicks off with a custom ticketing portal for UWS teams that will make it easier to set up and track ticket sales, attendance, merchandise, and concessions.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — United Women’s Soccer (UWS), a renowned pro-am women’s soccer league with 24 teams nationwide, announced today a new partnership which names Passage as the Official Ticketing Provider of the UWS.

Passage has been powering ticketing and payments to thousands of events, with tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales, since 2014. The cutting-edge payments and customer engagement engine built a complete feature set just for soccer teams, branded SoccerStub, which has become the favorite system for the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), United Professional Soccer League (UPSL), the National League of Professional Futsal (NLPF), and now the UWS, too.


As part of this partnership, Passage is kicking off a custom UWS online portal called UWS Tickets, available to all UWS teams. The Division 2 league is recognized around the globe for providing superior competition for female soccer players, with an emphasis on league standards, quality ownership, team retention, and player development.


Each team will be able to personalize the look and feel of their UWS Tickets portal, which will handle ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions, both online and at the door on match day. Fans can purchase matchday tickets and teams can sign-up to start selling tickets at zero cost by visiting


“We’re thrilled to be working with the UWS,” said Alex Linebrink, CEO of Passage. “Our goal is to help the entire league evolve to the next level by eliminating some of the headaches that come with managing a growing soccer club, like tracking sales, managing inventory, and reaching more fans.”


While every team can have their own custom portal, the underlying technology gives them all the same level of world-class reporting and top-of-the-line support that Passage is known for.


“Managing a soccer club can be very demanding,” said Linebrink. “That’s why we’ve designed the ticketing and payments side to be simple. Passage offers tons of pro features while being affordable for growing teams and stadiums of all sizes.”


The portal will be available to all UWS teams in the coming weeks. Individual teams will be able to choose whether to opt-in to their custom Passage portal.


“We’re very happy to be working with Passage,” said UWS League Commissioner Joe Ferrara, Jr. “This simplifies the entire box office setup for our teams so that they can focus on recruiting and developing great players, and providing fans with the best possible game-day experience. We look forward to growing together.”


Passage recently introduced a series of upgrades to its ticketing platform, including assigned seating capabilities.


“Our team is constantly building new features and looking for ways to help soccer clubs sell more tickets and merchandise,” said Linebrink. “We are looking forward to growing together with the UWS and making the sport more accessible to fans nationwide.”

Passage has been powering ticketing and payments to thousands of events, with tens of millions of dollars in ticket sales, since 2014. Their all-in-one technology allows teams to take control of all their ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at-the-door, all while reaching more fans and making more money.


Headquartered in Detroit, Mich., Passage has helped over one million fans purchase tickets since 2014. For more information about Passage, please visit and or contact CEO Alex

Linebrink at



United Women’s Soccer (UWS) was formed late in 2015 under the belief that there was a gap in the development of the female soccer player between the collegiate game and the professional & international game.


A dedicated Tier 2 league was needed. UWS will fill that gap with a summer competitive season that will help the collegiate player evolve & enhance their game for fall competition while giving the post-collegiate player a chance to further develop for the professional & international ranks.


Every soccer club has a “pyramid” structure. Every pyramid has four cornerstones. For United Women’s Soccer, those cornerstones are:

  • Development – continuing the maturation of the collegiate player;
  • Evolution – elevating the competition to help the player reach the next level;
  • Exposure – media friendliness & widespread promotion of the sport;
  • And most important of all, Standards – elite teams operating with professional standards.

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