Listed below, you’ll find great tips for increasing your guest list, keeping fans hooked on your event, and creating memorable experiences for your guests. Also, we’ve written a few articles specific to wine, beer, and comedy events! Whether you’re hosting events such as these or not, these posts are super helpful because they include interviews with some of the most successful event leaders in the industry.


This list will inspire you to fulfill all of your event-related goals, and keep your event creation game strong as ever!


1. 6 Michigan Breweries Taking Craft Beer To The Next Level




Each of these Michigan Breweries brings something a little bit different to the table. However, the one characteristic they all share is their commitment to providing memorable experiences for their customers and community. These six interviews provide insight into how these breweries became so successful and how they manage to keep things fun and creative by hosting all-star events!


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2. How This Comedy Show Produces The Biggest Laughs With The Freshest Talent




Founder and Executive Producer of Crack‘em Up Comedy, Nichelle Murdock, has been running her comedy show located at the World Famous Comedy Store (Belly Room) on Sunset Blvd in LA for twelve years. This weekly, Thursday night show has been a comedy hot spot for stars such as Deon Cole, Damon Wayans Jr., Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappell (to name a few). Although there have been loads of big name comedians that have stepped foot in Crack’em Up, Nichelle says the “mission statement” of the show is to showcase fresh, rising stars of the comedy scene.


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3. How Scott Rutterbush Is Igniting Detroit’s Food Scene




Scott Rutterbush is the owner and mastermind of Dine Drink Detroit. He is not only passionate about Detroit’s food scene, but goes above and beyond to promote the local businesses that make up the city’s unique and rich history. Scott’s energy is as contagious as the businesses he advocates. A big part of his mission with Dine Drink Detroit focuses on storytelling. His goal is to effectively tell the stories of local businesses that he refers to as “hidden gems.” I sat down with Scott at Harry’s Detroitto get a better idea of how he supports these various venues and to dig into his overall outlook on events and hospitality.

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4. The Top Ten Most Unique Wineries In Michigan



If you’ve ever ventured to explore Michigan’s wine scene, you might understand the amazing energy that circulates throughout this incredibly friendly and hospitable community. If you’re new to this scene, then allow me to introduce you to some of the most unique, vivacious, and inspiring wine makers and connoisseurs in the mitten. Drum roll please… Here are the top ten wineries you must visit this holiday season!

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5. Turning Fans Into Friends: A Guide To Engaging Millennials



Ranging from the ages of 18-33 years old, this generation holds over $100 billion in buying power in the U.S. alone. This is great news for event creators because these individuals tend to seek out events and are typically positive and engaged fans. Although this open-minded and interactive group will be the first to share a love story about your event in under 140 characters, they will also be first in line to keep you on your toes, especially if you’re not giving much back.


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6. How To Plan Your Event With Purpose & Passion



In Simon Sinek’s TedTalk: Start With Why, he explains that most companies know what they do, as well as how they do it. However, very few organizations can articulate why they sell a product or service (apart from the desire to make a profit). They have trouble defining their belief and purpose because they prioritize the what’s and how’s of their operations, instead of focusing on their “why statement”.


7. How Improvising Leads To Better Business



Pj Jacokes is an improv legend. He has been in the improv comedy biz for 20 years with performance credits ranging from Second City to Improv Inferno. For the last 6 years he has run Go Comedy in Ferndale, MI, packing the house for 15+ shows a week. I caught up with Pj last week for some huge tips on starting a venue, engaging a community, and keeping fans coming back for more. Here are a some helpful tips to keep in mind!

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8. How To Embrace The Power Of Connection



People enjoy feeling like they are a part of something, whether they are part of the act, performance, taste testers, or audience members who are called onto the stage to demo a new product. In his book,Tribes, Seth Godin articulates this idea by defining a tribe as, “a group of people connected to one another, a leader, or idea.”


Moms all over the world further demonstrate this point. Moms love watching their kid perform, not because their kid is the next Jimmy Hendrix or Beyonce. It’s because that child is theirs. They feel invested and connected to the main act. When an attendee feels a deep connection with some aspect of your event, it won’t matter so much if the drinks are a tiny bit overpriced, or the line to get in was a little long. Moms let these details slide; they’re too busy worrying about getting that sweet, front row seat so they can record the whole thing.


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9. How To Make Your Event Share Friendly



According to Alison Smith Jenks, you have three audiences – your live audience, your virtual audience, and your viral audience. Your viral audience is often the last to develop and it usually only comes after heavy engagement from members of your first two audiences. When members of the first two audiences share your event, it can spark an “I should have been there” feeling in the third audience.


Now the question is, how do you engage your live and virtual audiences in a way that allows you to sit back and watch as they share and market your event for you? Here are some tips that will make it easy, fun, and rewarding for your guests to share your wondrous event with the world.

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10. 6 Incentives For Volunteers (No Cash Required)



It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether you need to hire a few paid employees to help with a big event, or simply rely on the kind, generous hearts of community volunteers. In some cases, the budget determines the answer to this dilemma, and you are left with one option – volunteers. So, how do you properly thank these individuals that donate their time, resources, and brain power to making your event a hit? Here are some incentives for volunteers that won’t break your bank or add to any event planning stress.


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