The way I see it, there are two types of music festivals — those where you camp and those where you don’t. Personally, as I am in indoor cat, I prefer festivals where you don’t camp. However, there are merits to both.


Music festival promoters of the world! Take note of this handy pros-and-cons chart that I made for you:


Camping Not Camping
  • Gives you the rare opportunity to curate a 24 hour, multi-day experience for your guests.
  • Allows you to feature artists that you would not be able to feature if you were hosting a festival with fewer hours to fill.
  • Relieves many concerns about availability of area accommodations.
  • Could generate more cash for you as festival goers may rely on you to provide everything.
  • Requires a location with space for camping.
  • Requires adequate supervision and security for the duration of the festival.
  • Festivals without camping can be held in smaller and more urban spaces.
  • Requires less security and supervision than festivals with camping.
  • Requires you to work more closely with local law enforcement to ensure orderly exits each evening.
  • May leave you open to greater legal liability for your patrons.
  • Allows you to work with local hotels and restaurants to provide services and accommodations for your guests.
  • Allows you to market and sell different ticket packages.


What say you, music festival promoters? Do you prefer to host camping festivals or non-camping festivals?