Double-Stuffed, Birthday Cake, Mint ‘n Crème, Banana Split, Cookie Dough, and the list goes on. In Seth Godin’s ebook, “Who’s There”, he compares the excessive clutter we all face in our day-to-day lives to the 19 flavors of Oreos. That’s a lot of flavors, almost an overwhelming amount to choose from to perform a simple milk-dunking task.


Why should you care about these addictive, little sweet treats? Because your event is like an Oreo. There’s a massive amount of them out there. So, how do you separate your event from the one that ends up as a crumb at the bottom of the glass of milk? That’s where things get a little tricky… The problem is, how to get event-goers to choose your affair over the hundreds that are nearly identical. They won’t care unless you make them care. Here are six simple steps you can take to get noticed and become a loveable, unique event.


1. Send out promotions. Ex. “Sign up by June 11th and receive one free beer coupon”.


2. Form a relationship with your guests. Email them with updates or a newsletter reminder that outlines the food and drink selection, timing of the event, and information about discount tickets or special offers.


3. Make your event memorable. Have a photographer on-site, post to social media, or designate a space that entices guests to take their own photos.

4. Give your attendees an opportunity to connect with one another. Designate time for socializing; leave fifteen minutes before the first presentation starts, initiate a cheesy icebreaker, or organize some form of a meet and greet with performers.

5. Instill a feeling of support and investment in your guests. Donate a percentage of the proceeds to a noble cause or charity.

6. Create a share-friendly environment. Provide free Wifi and make sure your content is easy to view and pass along on small screens.

Using a balance of technical and psychological strategies, you’ll find that your events will not only draw in a new crowd but also keep your existing audience coming back for more!

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