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The excitement of a sporting event goes far beyond the game itself, with halftime entertainment becoming a crucial part of the overall fan experience. Let’s talk about 15 halftime entertainment show ideas that will pump up the crowd and create memories that will last a lifetime.

On-Field Performances

We’ve all likely seen marching bands or cheerleaders perform during halftime in the past, but there are endless ideas for an on-field performance that will wow fans.

1. Dog agility or frisbee: Invite a local kennel club or dog training facility to come out and bring their top show dogs to put on a performance. Watch as these pups fly through the air to catch frisbees or weave their way through intricate agility courses.

2. Ice skating: Most ideal for hockey games, recruit a local figure skating team to put on a dazzling performance on ice. Start by reaching out to the rink’s home team to show support.

3. Extreme pogo: Pogo stick athletes perform flips, spins, and gravity-defying tricks. This new form of extreme sport is action-packed, keeping fans on the edge of their seats during the halftime break.

4. A capella group: If you’re looking for show-stopping musical talent for your halftime entertainment, look no further than an a capella group. These singers put on an especially unique performance because they use only their voices to mimic instruments. The right group could create a completely customized performance for your sporting event based on a specific theme.

5. Magic show: Amaze and mystify audiences of all ages with a captivating magic show. This is a classic form of entertainment that can be executed for audiences of all sizes, making it ideal for a wide variety of sporting events.

6. Speed painting: Halftime entertainment needs to be quick and easy to set up/tear down. Speed painting displays an impressive amount of skill to keep guests engaged during the break. In under 15 minutes, these artists are able to create spectacular masterpieces. Fans will be kept on their toes as they watch the artist do their magic and try to guess what is being painted before it’s complete.

7. Highland dancers: Immerse your guests in the rich cultural heritage of Scotland with halftime entertainment by Highland dancers. Dressed in traditional Scottish attire, these dancers show off their moves to the infectious rhythms of the bagpipes and drums.

8. Stunt team: Hiring a stunt team is an electrifying halftime entertainment idea. Watch as these performers do all sorts of jaw-dropping tricks. Beyond the thrills, they can also seamlessly incorporate your team’s branding by wearing your jerseys or merchandise.

9. LED art performers: Striking colorful lights combined with music and choreography will undeniably steal the show. LED performers wear custom suits and use special equipment to paint colors in the air and mesmerize guests.

10. Drumline battle: If you want a halftime entertainment idea that is sure to amp up the crowd, consider an epic battle between the drumline members. This high-energy performance is sure to leave everyone clapping and excited.

Dog flying over a jump in a dog agility course. (1)

Contests and Challenges

If you want to go more outside the box, get your fans involved by hosting contests and challenges during the halftime break where they can get in on the action.

11. Chuck a duck: This contest idea requires 15+ rubber ducks and a large target. Fans can buy a rubber duck for $1. Then let each fan throw their duck at the large target set up in the middle of the field or court. Whoever lands closest to the middle of the target wins a prize. This can also be combined with charity efforts, as you can split the profit with a charity of your choice.

12. Shoe scramble race: Choose participants from the crowd to take off their shoes and place them in a large pile in the center of the field or court. Have officials go and mix up each of the shoes as the participants stand a distance away, facing away from the shoes. On the word “go,” participants turn around and run to put their shoes back on then race back to the starting point. The first to cross the finish line wins.

13. “Minute to win it” games: “Minute to win it” games are quick and simple to execute all while getting fans on their feet. There are countless different games to choose from that only require a few household items and a stopwatch. Go out into the stands, and as the name suggests, give participants one minute to complete the task. If they’re able to do it, they win a prize.

14. Half-court shot challenge: Select a handful of crowd members to test their best free throw skills. One-by-one, allow each contestant to attempt to make a basket from the half-court line. Whoever is able to make the near-impossible shot wins a prize.

15. Live trivia: Who’s truly the biggest superfan? Test your fans by preparing a list of sports-related trivia questions with varying levels of difficulty. Select a handful of participants to be brought onto the field or court, then hand out wireless buzzers to each contestant. Whoever is first to answer the most questions correctly wins.

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Halftime doesn’t have to just be an intermission. It can be used as a strategic way to interact with your team’s fans and build loyalty. The best halftime entertainment channels a spark that will create special memories that will last for years to come. 

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